Affiliate Management

Did You Know? Affiliate marketing is grounded in the relationship between the advertiser, the publisher and the customer.

Affiliate marketing rewards a third party for referring a visitor or rewards a customer for completing an action, i.e. subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase. As a form of online advertising, affiliate marketing is essentially free publicity for your page as it establishes a larger network of related websites that direct customers to visit, purchase or subscribe to your site.

Don’t stop with affiliate marketing as truly effective campaigns combine SEO, PPC and email marketing campaigns that span diverse audiences across an array of industries to drive large volume sales.

Strategic and well-planned, affiliate marketing is a means of developing long term relationships not only with customers but with relevant websites and third party businesses. These relationships serve to drive business by increasing conversions.

One of the key components of affiliate marketing is flexibility. Businesses must be flexible in terms of commission values especially when sales decrease. Higher commissions always drive affiliates to work harder on your behalf.

Let our affiliate management team evaluate your brand and products to create a key strategy that will give you the edge over the competition. With our expertise, we’ll connect you to multiple networks suitable for delivering optimal results to drive genuine sales.

As with any relationship, it is vital to maintain high levels of trust with your affiliates. Always pay your commissions within the communicated deadline. This drives the relationship to further opportunities for collaboration and establishes credibility for your professional brand.

Allow us to manage all aspects of your affiliate campaign and get affiliates motivated to sell your product.

Red Rise studio knows the best affiliate markets for your industry, we build relationships that last and lead to increased sales and coverage.